Prioritizing Public Education

As a product of public school, a former educator and current school board member, Diego is well aware of the challenges our public schools face. Diego will work to increase resources for education to lower class sizes, close the achievement gap and invest in early childhood education programs.

Advocating for Affordable Housing

Growing up, Diego’s family moved around a lot. Economic insecurity and the high cost of housing meant his mom had to uproot his family to make ends meet. Diego will fight for stable, secure and affordable housing, so local families can afford to stay in our community.

Fighting for Working Families

Diego was raised by a single mom who worked multiple minimum wage jobs to raise him and his siblings. He believes that no one should work full time and live in poverty. Diego will fight for living wages and workplace policies that support working families.

Building Safer Communities

Diego grew up in East Portland and knows the inequities East Portland faces, especially when it comes to our roads, sidewalks, and infrastructure. Diego will advocate for a transportation package that helps people get to work, provides safe routes to school for students, and improves the safety of our communities.

Jobs and Small Businesses

As the son of a small business owner, Diego understands the challenges facing our economy. Diego will champion efforts to support small businesses to grow and bring more jobs to our community.

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